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Kaia Baby

Red Hibiscus Bamboo Pajama

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Made from bamboo with a little added spandex for stretch, these footie pajamas are soft, breathable, and ultra cozy.

Featuring beautiful tropical prints for those tropical loving mamas.

These bamboo pajamas are perfect for any baby or toddlers spring and summer sleepwear wardrobe. 

Top and bottom zippers make for quick and easy diaper changes.

Optional feet covers with grips on sizes 6-12+ to prevent slips.

Optional hand covers on NB and 0-3M. 

No irritating tags.

We’ve covered all the bases to ensure your little one feels comfortable and happy in their footies!

**This print is discounted 20%. Due to the inherent vibrancy of our red hibiscus flower, you may observe subtle light spotting on some garments. We want to assure you that if there is any, this spotting is hardly noticeable, if at all. Each piece has undergone meticulous examination and garments with more noticeable elements have been further discounted and can be found in our dedicated minor imperfections section. Thank you for your trust in our commitment to quality and transparency!**


95% Bamboo

5% Spandex

Care Instructions

Wash in cold temperatures with like colors.

Keep feet grips covered to ensure long lasting grip.

Tumble dry low.

Size Chart